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Duct Brothers Provide Superior Air Conditioning Services in Colorado Springs, Monument, Peyton, Security/Widefield, Fountain, and all across the El Paso County area. 

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We Give a Duct about keeping you comfortable! Keep your home cool in the summer with a top-of-the-line air conditioning system! Duct Brothers is your trusted Colorado Springs HVAC professionals when it comes to your heating, ventilation, and cooling year-round.

While some air conditioning units are combined with the heating system, there are also options of a separate air conditioning cooling system if your furnace is still in good shape. Our team is full of licensed and insured technicians who are prepared to install, inspect, repair, and replace any type of air HVAC, central cooling, air condition, or central air system that you may have in your home. If you are looking to install a new system in your home, our prices will beat anyone with our minimal markup and non-commission-based sales. We will give you the best recommendation for your family and you can trust that we give the most honorable price. We have systems for any budget and will make sure we work out a perfect solution with full transparency through the whole project.

Air Conditioning


  • Air conditioning repair

  • Air conditioning maintenance

  • AC installation

  • Blower and belts

  • Refrigerant charging

  • Temperature operation and pressures

  • Thermostat calibration

  • Wiring and connections

Regular maintenance on your AC is vital for the health and longevity of the cooling system. The filters, coils, and fins all require maintenance to ensure the unit functions effectively and efficiently for several years. We, and other professionals, recommend servicing your air conditioning system once a year, around spring time, right before you start using the system in your house. Neglecting regular service to your HVAC system could result in it breaking down or not running as it should. Our technicians offer scheduled service to come out to your home for maintenance and check for normal wear on equipment, repair and replace parts as needed, and clean out any clogged filters or areas of output.

Preventative maintenance on your A/C also helps maximize energy efficiency of your system. When we come to tune up your unit, we will check the ducts, monitor and replace coolant, and thoroughly check seals and the thermostat, as well as replace the filter. 

If your AC unit does break down, our experts can help repair any parts that may need repair or replacement. If it is time for a new system or upgrade, Duct Brothers offers a variety of brands that can fit into your budget.

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